Historically, Commodities helped us to diversify our portfolio from Equity, Real Estate, FD Etc.,It acted as a greater risk management tool against many investment avenues and to hedge the inflation.

An easier and reliable way to trade commodities. It helps us to reduce counter party risk with guaranteed settlement. It gives leverage to trade in different basket of commodities with price discovered at internation level. Of Course, Online commodity trading makes provision to make profit even when price of commodities comes down.

In commodities, Hedgers are people who have direct/physical expose to the commodities/spot market wants to manage the price risk by hedging in online futures market. Example Jewellers,Bullion dealers, Manufacturers, Traders,etc.

b) Spectaculars/Traders:
Speculators/traders are people who wants to use the price direction of an asset, here it is commodity. They take high risk to earn high returns by simply predicting the price direction.

c) Arbitrageurs
Arbitrageurs are people who bang on low risk low return investment/trading solution. They try to use the price difference between spot abd futures market, two different national exchange or international exchange.

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Disclaimer: Bullion Fox research and analysis department is taking atmost care in providing trading levels and calls. These levels and calls is just an indicative of the market conditions prevailing during the given calls and levels, relevant to study period. All the analysis are subject to various impending fundamental data’s and other geopolitical concerns, which are beyond the reach of all and will have a direct bearing on the commodity markets and the possibilities of our levels and calls success or failures heavily depend on these developments in the financial markets which happens on continuous basis. So clients are requested to take note of all these developments in the financial markets and applying proper judgment, careful study and the trading skill while making trading decisions based on our levels and calls. Trading in commodities subject to market risk hence, Bullion fox commodity Pvt Ltd is not responsible for any profits and losses arising out of trading levels and calls provided by us.